Saturday, December 8, 2012

Women and children hold up more than "Half the Sky"

I found out that I was awarded some grant $$ for a mini-grant that I wrote through the Foundation at SCC to show this on our campus during Women's History month, in March. It is even being talked about a campus book club choice. I am very excited! If anyone would like to get involved with me to make this a really cool event I would love it. It has literally become a global movement and awareness is key.

Take a second and view a clip or two on the site. Gender inequity is an extremely powerful & tough topic. Believe it or not some of these same kinds of issues still effect women in the US. In fact they effect women and families that are our very own. Or women who live right nextdoor, not just halfway around the world.

Everyone who reads this is the child of a woman. Please take a moment and watch this for that very reason. 

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