Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coming soon! SPE Midwest Conference Oct 11-13 in Cincinatti,OH

If you are a serious photography student and you want to take things to the next level. This is the organization for you. Every fall there are intimate regional conferences and every spring there are huge national ones. Network with folks about transfer schools, other students, fellowships, grants, residencies, teaching positions, exhibitions, you name it.  

There are ways to defray the costs. Click on the link and find out for yourself!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art21 News: Sarah Sze Improvises, Diana Al-Hadid Balances Work and Play, and More


Hmmm?? What is the value of your college education?

Students, friends, colleagues,
What is the value of a college education? What about YOUR education?

Freakonomics Goes to College, Part 1 & 2: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

...better late than never, WELCOME! to a new semester!

Here is a short reading to help us challenge ourselves into living & thinking in the moment, hence making great work...

Everything you take for granted is a blessing. 
Everything you fear is a friend in disguise. 
Everything you want is a part of you. 
Everything you hate you hate about yourself. 
Everything you own does not define you. 
Everything you feel is the only Truth there is to know.
Everything you wish for is already on its way to you. 
Everything you think creates your life. 
Everything you seek for you will find. 
Everything you resist will stick around. 
Everything you let go of stays if it’s supposed to. 
Everything you need is right where you are.

Every time you bless another your bless yourself. 
Every time you blame another you lose your power. 
Every time you think you can, you can. 
Every time you fall you must get up and try again. 
Every time you cry you’re one tear closer to joy. 
Every time you ask for forgiveness, all you have to do is forgive yourself.

Everyone you see is your reflection. 
Everyone you know mirrors you. 
Everyone wants to be happy. 
Everyone wants to live in joy. 
Everyone seeks a higher purpose. 
Everyone breathes the same breath. 
Everyone needs love to survive. 
Everyone has a purpose to fulfill.

Everyone’s the same as everyone else. 
We just get caught up in labels, names, skin color and religion. 
Everyone’s the same as everyone else. 
No one wants to feel the pain. 
Everyone’s the same as everyone else. 
Everyone is dying for love to remain.

- Jackson Kiddard

 (this post was borrowed from a weekly reading post @ Dhristi Yoga) 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Way to go Virginia!

Here is one of my very own students from a few years back, Virginia Harold. So proud of this gal. She is such a hard worker.

Shooting The Shooter Series, Vol. XIII: Virginia Harold