Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fall 2012 Digital Photo II Book Projects

For anyone interested in getting a sense of what we do in ART225 - Digital Photo II, here are our most recent editions to the collection of books that we have been creating over the last three semesters. I am really proud of all of the students and their hard work and enthusiasm that has gone into creating our books this semester. These are a real treat. We spend nearly 2/3's of the entire semester working on a body of work that investigates a topic of their choosing and then we work through the process of organizing and shaping our photographs into a book format. We then publish them through blurb.com. And sometimes we even get really lucky and have someone who hand-binds & painstakingly emulsion transfer prints their book images, as in the case of Jon Slade's Itinerant Encounters. Thanks for a great semester everyone! Big hugs all around, enjoy the books, and have a fantastic break! You soooo deserve it!!

Itinerant Encounters    by Jon Slade

Life on the Water    by Michael Randman

CERT   by April Stout

Living in a Box   by Elizabeth Ache

Preserving Our Past Through Photographs - Saint Charles County, Missouri    by Zac Hodges

The Faces of New Melle    by Connor Lockett

This is how they are printed...

Here are some links from Spring 2012...

Lena Wood, Metamorphose, 2012. 

Melisa Fielder-Spence, La Fleur, 2012. 

Mat Hoosier, Defying Gravity, 2012.

Phil Cary, MKT Line, 2012.

Megan Flattery, Familial, 2012. 

Raquel Engle, Half Closed Eyes, 2012.

Rachel Mitchell, Once Upon a Time, 2012.

& Fall 2011...

Debbie Bauer, Missouri Barns, 2011.

Joshua Evans, Idiosyncratic Reality, 2011. 

Kimberly Wall, tirer le portrait, de toute notre, 2011.

Rebecca Chapman, Nature Untouched, 2011. 

Natalie Armitstead, Hidden Ballerina, 2011.

Eric Wuestenberg, Canyons in Utah, 2011.

Jade Roch Van Rochsburg, Spheres, 2011.

Allen Wilberton, St. Louis Spouthwestern Freight Depot: Space in History, 2011.

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  1. LOVE that you share these with all of us! Also, really glad you posted the previous-will be re-viewing them in the next couple of weeks. Always inspiring.....Just AWESOME!