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2013 Juried Spring Student Art Exhibition Awards & Boardroom Awards

Just found this in my email earlier...  I am proud to announce some outstanding student work! and the recognition of that work. See below for a complete list of the Juror's picks as well as the Boardroom Art Awards (the fulltime faculty picks).


Good morning,
Sending on behalf of Christine Holtz and the Art Gallery,


The SCC Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is only on display in the Fine Arts building until Friday, May 3rd.  If you haven't already, please stop by to view a variety of artworks created by the talented SCC art department students!  Some of the work is even for sale!  If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact Christine Holtz (choltz@stchas.edu).

We are also very pleased to announce the recipients of several different awards from the show.  The visiting juror, Brigham Dimick, chose awards for each category in the show.  We also have a list of Boardroom Award winners.  These students had artwork chosen by the faculty to hang in the campus Boardroom in the Administration Building for a special six-month exhibition.  If you have any of these students in your class or see them on campus, please congratulate them on their award!


Christine A. Holtz
SCC Art Gallery Coordinator

Juror Awards:

$250   1st: Rachel Mitchell, " The Forgotten Tales."
$150   2nd:  Michael Randman, "In the Garage"
$100   3rd:  Eric Brooman, "Las Linguas"

Drawing I:
       1st: Rachel Delaney, "The Journey of the Adventurer"
        2nd: Zachary Baker, "No Safe Place"
       3rd: John Kim, "I Want to Fly"

Drawing II:
     1st: Joey Karen, "Landscape Copy"
       2nd: Ibel Omar, "Revolt Scent"
       3rd: Monica Wood, "Monica"

Figure Drawing:
1st: Micha LeGare, Untitled
2nd: Lizy Bean, Untitled
3rd: Charles Cantrell, "The Empress' New Clothes"

Graphic Design:
1st: Jessica Wilbanks, "Namsia Website"
2nd: Eric Zimmer, " The Echelon Man"
3rd: Ashely Delgado, "Jamie Hewlett"

      1st: Alicia Schwent, "Mr. Prickles"
2nd:David Fisher, "Scavenged"
3rd: Chris Hindman, "Pet Me"

Black and White Photography:
1st: Jessica Wilbanks, " Dinner in the Making"
2nd: Michael Hyde, "Reflective Duck"
3rd: Demi Georges, " Double Feature"

Digital Photography:
1st: Kayla Czajkowski, "Man's Creation"
2nd: Jennifer Guthrie, "Industrial Oasis"
3rd: Sarah Boudreau, " Sherbert"

Advanced Black and White Photography:
1st: Liz Sheck, "935 Buffum Sr."
2nd: Liz Sheck, " Portrait of a Gold Soul, on Shag"
3rd: John Lambert, "A Woman Knows"

Advanced Digital Photography:
1st: Rachel Mitchell, "The Forgotten Tales."
2nd: Michael Randman, "In the Garage"
      3rd: Jon E. Slade, "Recurring"
Design I:
1st: Alexi Chadbourne, "Rebirth"
2nd: Kirstin Iverson, "Deep"
3rd: Loraine Collins, " Petals"

Illustration and Design II
1st: Harleigh Heck, "Sabertooth Shrooms"
2nd: Marlena Speraneo, "Dorothy"
3rd: Dylan Kubin, "Kraken"

1st: Eric Brooman, " Las Linguas"
2nd: Alicia Schwent, " Family Resemblance"
3rd: April Stout, "Aphrodites Vase"

       1st: Liz Sheck, " Party Like it's 999/Vintage Style Party Tunic"
2nd: Desireé Cabell, "Rocket Locket"
3rd: Kristen Garcia, "1847+ Apatite"

1st: Charles Cantrell, " Je Suis Bien"
2nd: Micah LèGare, Untitled  
3rd: Jenna Covington, " Wildflower"

Painting II and Advanced Painting:
1st: Andrew Bradley, " The Stagecoach."
2nd: Sue Schmidt, " Palette Knife Painting"

1st: Brandon Arnold, "Eyes on the Prize"
     2nd: Bryan Bishop, "IDA"
3rd: Monica Lazalier, " Eyes on the Wall"

Boardroom Awards:

Category 1 - Drawing I:
     Zachary Baker, "No Safe Place"
     John Kim, "I Want to Fly"
Category 2 - Drawing II:
     John Kim, "Paddle One's Feet in Water"
     Joey Kaver, "Landscape Copy"
Category 4 - Figure Drawing:
     Micah LèGare, Untitled
     Charles Cantrell, "The Empress' New Clothes"
Category 5 - Graphic Design:
     Ashley Delgado, " Jamie Hewlett"
Category 6 - Sculpture:
     David Fisher, "Scavenged" (Ouellette-Kirby)
Category 7 - Black & White Photography I:
     Jessica Willbanks, "Dinner in the Making"
Category 8 - Digital Photography I:
     Kayla Czajkowski, "Man's Creation"
Category 9 - Advanced Black & White Photography:
     Liz Sheck, "935 Buffum"
     Cassie Gibson, "Lovers' Leap"
Category 10 - Advanced Digital Photography
     Michael Randman, "In the Garage"
Category 11 - Design I
     Alexi Chadbourne, "Rebirth"
     Alexandria Cova, "A Beautiful Life"
Category 12 - Illustration & Design II
     Harleigh Heck, "Sabertooth Shrooms"
     Dylan Kubin, "Kraken"
Category13 - Ceramics
     Eric Brooman, "Las Linguas"
     Alicia Schwent, "Family Resemblance"
Category 14 - Jewelry
     Desireé Cabell, "Rocket Locket" (Ouellette-Kirby)
     Liz Sheck, " Party Like it's 999/Vintage Style Party Tunic"  (Ouellette-Kirby)
Category 15 - Painting I
     Micah LèGare, Untitled
Category 16 - Painting 2 & Advanced Painting
     Andrew Bradley, "Statecoach"
Category 17 - Printmaking
      Brandon Arnold, "Eyes on the Prize" 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring 2013 - Advanced Digital Photography Book Projects are here!

For anyone interested in getting a sense of what we do in ART225 - Digital Photo II, here are our most recent editions to the collection of books that we have been creating over the past two years. I am really proud of all of the students and their hard work and enthusiasm that has gone into creating these books. The projects in themselves are a strong testament to commitment and an elongated exploration of an idea. These are a real treat. We spend nearly 2/3's of the entire semester working on a body of work that investigates a topic of their choosing and then we work through the process of organizing and shaping our photographs into a book format. We then publish them through blurb.com.  Check 'em out!!

Ain't That America   by Jon Slade

In the Garage   by Michael Randman

Without Breaking   by Alex Little

Remembering the Past, Educating the Future   by Debbie Bauer

Missouri Barns   by Debbie Bauer

Dreams and Memories   by Anthony Medvick

In the City   by Jaimie Vaughn

Medals and Scars   by Kate Vohsen

The Independent Study Collection   by Megan Flattery

Here are some links from previous semesters:

Fall 2012...

Itinerant Encounters    by Jon Slade

Life on the Water    by Michael Randman

CERT   by April Stout

Living in a Box   by Elizabeth Ache

Preserving Our Past Through Photographs - Saint Charles County, Missouri    by Zac Hodges

The Faces of New Melle    by Connor Lockett

Spring 2012...

Lena Wood, Metamorphose, 2012. 

Melisa Fielder-Spence, La Fleur, 2012. 

Mat Hoosier, Defying Gravity, 2012.

Phil Cary, MKT Line, 2012.

Megan Flattery, Familial, 2012. 

Raquel Engle, Half Closed Eyes, 2012.

Rachel Mitchell, Once Upon a Time, 2012.

Fall 2011...

Debbie Bauer, Missouri Barns, 2011.

Joshua Evans, Idiosyncratic Reality, 2011. 

Kimberly Wall, tirer le portrait, de toute notre, 2011.

Rebecca Chapman, Nature Untouched, 2011. 

Natalie Armitstead, Hidden Ballerina, 2011.

Eric Wuestenberg, Canyons in Utah, 2011.

Jade Roch Van Rochsburg, Spheres, 2011.

Allen Wilberton, St. Louis Spouthwestern Freight Depot: Space in History, 2011.

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