Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SHORT: Catherine Opie: Cleveland Clinic

SHORT: Catherine Opie: Cleveland Clinic

This short video is about one of my mentors, Catherine Opie, from graduate school. She now happens to be one of the most important contemporary artists of our times. Cathy was a Freund Fellow through the Saint Louis Art Museum and Washington University. She lived and worked here in Saint Louis during my first year at Washington University. She was making work about the uniqueness of the decaying landscape in the city proper as well as panoramas of the highways in the metro area. Her work is about many things other than what is shown in this clip, although this is truly great to see. Cathy is by far one of my favorite artists and is a truly genuine and deeply interesting person. She had such a great impact on my formation as an artist during that time.


  1. I know it might appear frivolous, but seeing her name makes me think of Andy Griffith show, Opie, Aunt Bee, Barney, Gomer. And I say this in a positive and endearing sense. A homey kind of warm and fuzzy feeling. I did Google her to research more about her...

    1. And watching the video was a very warm and humanizing event. Using ones talents and skills to aid those in pain and need of support. Wonderful concept.