Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nothing better...

photograph by Mr. Kathleen M. Sanker aka the "good" Colonel
I just couldn't resist. Sometimes it is important to rest, to enjoy the moment, to let things soak in, and to make a puppy pile. Contrary to rumors, no my daughter is not being raised by wolves, and yes, this is my most important job, my family, including the photographer who is not shown in this photograph.

And YES, this image is noisy and blurry, and NO, that is NOT the point.  thanks.


  1. a perfect example of when getting the shot is the most important thing, so all else is secondary at such times.

    these are such special and precious moments.

    treasures forever!

    who gets the covers when the tugging starts?

  2. WELL I love noisy and blurry photos the most! Good job colonel!