Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Great Photo Events

This weekend we took two little family outings, one was to the members preview of "An Orchestrated Vision" @ the Saint Louis Art Museum. It was a fantastic show. The artists and images included left me longing to see more. So I guess that means that we will be headed back there again soon.

Finley even approved. She was so into it she crossed her feet to get cozy for the ride. Just kidding, what one year old in their right mind gives a poop about this stuff? She squealed and cried until her awesome Dad took her for a walk to watch little kids in the main hall. Super troopers!

The other exhibition we saw was the opening at the Sheldon on Friday evening, which was not 1 but rather 6 small galleries showcasing photographs from Haiti by Patti Gabriel, as well as photographs by Steve Giovinco & Tim Simmons Edge of Darkness, plus some other totally unrelated to photography exhibits... architecture, children's art, musical instruments, watercolor and sculpture. All of these displays were rich sets of visual imagery.

Fin and I in the window at the Sheldon.

I am a firm believer in taking her just about everywhere. So far so good. A week after she was born we had such bad cabin fever that we took her to an opening swaddled to me in a wrap under my coat. It was easy then, now she wants to run, climb, and touch EVERYTHING! You know what they say, you get back what you were tenfold. Yikes! I am totally in for it.   

Maybe some of you already know this, but I have been working on a photographic project with 3 other photographers for the Sheldon Music Hall's 100th Anniversary. This is arguably one of the country's most acoustically perfect music venues and at one point in it's history, not so long ago, it's future did not look so good.  As things unfold with our project I will keep everyone posted as to the schedule of events. A book and an exhibition/celebration is forthcoming.

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