Thursday, February 2, 2012

James Nachtwey - if you have not seen this, then please watch!

Every time I teach B+W Photo I, one of my favorite classes to teach, I assign a project investigating "the decisive moment". One of the things we look at is a film called "War Photographer". My students leave my classroom completely changed on some sort of fundamental level forevermore, as do I everytime! I re-visit it. James Nachtwey is the photographer being examined in the film. Below is a talk of his, it is slow to start but once you get to the image portion of the video you will get a sense of the utter power of his images. If you don't know this photographer I invite & expect you to watch. He is one of the most important image-makers of our time. He is a vote for kindness and humanity. His images will remind you that most of us have no idea what suffering truly is about. I urge you to pass the knowledge of this man and his work on to anyone and everyone you know.

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