Monday, May 5, 2014

Please Congratulate Spring 2014 Boardroom Art Award Winners!

Spring 2014 Student Art Exhibition
Boardroom Awards

Category 1 – Drawing I
Emma Klein, “Self Study” (Mitchell)
Romel Hodges, “Dead Weight” (Wilson)
Category 2 – Drawing II
Nicole Harmer, “Still Life Drawing” (Smith)
Category 4 – Figure Drawing
Pacó Sutherland, “Staring Off” (Smith)
Category 5 – Graphic Design
Josh Weinhold, “ Visions of Storms” (Mogerman)
Category 6 – Sculpture
Dan Taszarek, “I am filled with many secrets” (Ouellette-Kirby)
Jennifer Meyer, “ The Stork has Landed” (Ouellette-Kirby)
Category 7 – Black & White Photography I
Darryl Glover, “Cabin in the Woods” (Fisher)
Category 8 – Digital Photography I
Erin Petty, “Rustic Regeneration” (Sanker)
Marrissa Scully, “The Losing Soul” (Sanker)
Category 9 – Advanced Black & White Photography
Julie Westrich, “Idea of Peace In a Fishtank” (Fisher/Ouellette-Kirby)
Cassie Gibson, “Obstacle of time and discovery” (Fisher/Ouellette-Kirby)
Vincent Dyer, “Forust of NO Return” (Fisher/Ouellette-Kirby)
Category 10 – Advanced Digital Photography
Given Zane, “Designated for Human Consumption” (Sanker)
Sue Wolf, “Jake Heels” (Sanker)
Henry Salazar, “Separation” (Sanker)
Category 11 – Design I
Sabrina Teeple, “My Mother’s Boyfriend Really Likes This Design” (Horvath)
Erin Petty, “Celestial Flare” (Smith)
Category 12 – Illustration & Design II
Megan McCully, “Totem” (Sheppard)
Category13 – Ceramics
David Wade, “Making Omlettes” (Meeks)
Category 14 – Jewelry
Desireé Cabell, “Born of Fire, Labour of Love” (Ouellette-Kirby)
Category 15 – Painting I
Kentrell Strong, “Monochrome Still Life” (Smith)
Nicole Harmer, “ The Red Teapot” (Smith)
Category 16 – Painting 2 & Advanced Painting

Sue Schmidt, “Color Movement” (Smith)

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