Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If you think you can't make it to the polls on Election Day...

If you think you can't make it to the polls on Election Day...   Here is a link to the absentee voter form.

Don't forget to bring me your sticker or some kind of proof that you voted...  whatever ephemera you may pick up when you are at the polls will suffice.

Just think how luxurious this process is for you all! Some of my friends have to worry about being shot in their home countries in order to vote--I bet none of us could truly imagine that!! We are spoiled brats!

Go vote! Exercise your freedom!


  1. Would a cigarette butt laying on the ground outside the voting area from a nervous candidate qualify? Or chewed finger nails that were spit out as the candidate in my district watched voters leaving the voting station? Just curious!

  2. This whole issue has a great amount of history for me. I am of an age where the Vietnam war was still active, I was in the draft, with a number issued based on my day of birth and I was amongst the first class of 17 year old people to vote in a Presidential election. The law was passed in 1971 if memory serves, and I turned 17 in 1970 [math majors need NOT calculate my current age, thank you!] My first election NIXON and McGovern (remember the Eagleton scandal? I do!] So voting is something I take seriously, as I nearly had to go to a war that was a tough thing to have to worry about when you are just 17 and a number assigned to your day of birth made you so very nervous. My number was high enough to not get called in my year of draft. I voted. I live to tell about these things. Life was so very different back then.