Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flying the friendly skies...

Well my SPE conference was one for the books. It was a big time! Fantastic information, fantastic friends, great lectures, and wonderful history lessons from the photo family tree. I can't wait to get back to Fin & the Colonel. How come no one told me that Denver International Airpot is like a bad sideshow circus? My flight was delayed for 2 hours. Then we finally boarded. Looks like they loaded a broken airplane. Then they unloaded us, told us it was the last flight of the day to STL. Then we were sent to another gate. Apparently we didn't have good emergency landing gear. So we waited for a crew, and a new plane... now we are waiting for fuel and there are a whole bunch of attendants gathered at the front of the plane now... Did I mention that I don't fly well? Like, at all! Valium please!

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