Monday, January 16, 2012

Please allow me to introduce myself...

(Oh wait,... I was about to break into a Rolling Stones' song there for a second ;)

Welcome to my schoolhouse blog.  I am having a bit of a challenge this semester tearing myself away from my cozy little holiday break (as seen in the photo).  But really, who am I kidding. Going back to school is always hard, as is change of any kind for that matter.  I feel like I need a pep talk so that I will "warrior up" for the occasion... and I always do rise to the occasion, but sometimes it just takes more effort than others.  I must remind myself that change, while new and unknown, is also exciting and fresh. 

And so as I mull it over I realize that there are many new things bubbling to the surface at the beginning of any given semester, for example, these blogs we are starting. This should prove to be a lovely new addition to our class, and hopefully we will kill a lot LESS trees because of it.  Posting images and linking to images/websites seems to be one of the more prevalent needs of our investigations into the realm of visual literacy these days, so here we go. I think it might allow us to connect with one another just a bit more. Enjoy.

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